The wind beneath my wings at a time of health turbulence and emotional turmoil.


Zurvita came into my life at a very crucial time when my husband was going through an unexpected diabetic crisis that grounded him from and threatened to end his 30 years coveted career. After several months of erratic and uncontrolled daily finger-stick glucose readings, frequent daily testing, scheduling several diabetic medications and monitoring the treatment, many doctor visits and A1C results in the mid teens, he was emotionally exhaustion, beyond fatigued and feeling hopeless.

My solution was to invest in a variety of supplements and convince him to add them to his other 12 daily medications. Of course he kindly declined. Fair enough. I set off to find supplements combinations that had several key requirements to meet both his current situation and for the future. I simply wanted no more that 5 pills in total. A tall order, until I serendipitous was introduced to Zeal.

Because it was in powder form and did not smell or taste like supplements, he reluctantly gave it a go.

He actually drank Zeal a few times a day and I let him be, as in stop micromanaging his progress. Well, when in just a few days, his daily glucose reading started trending down gradually, then in about 10 days stabilized from the high 300s to consistently below 200 then around 95- 110 mg/dL, he started feeling better both emotionally and physically.  

Then we noticed that his lifelong nighttime pantry raids for cravings for sweets subsided,and in 8 months his A1C dropped to 5.8 and his multiple diabetic medications were reduced from 8 different ones to 4 then to 2 now one twice daily.  We knew the light at the end of the tunnel was a new dawn. His diabetes is a lifelong health issue but thank goodness for Zeal, he can manage it with this exceptional supplements beverage that is portable, delicious and only has 3g of sugar.

This was a game changer and I am still floored and relieved. As a critical care nurse, these staggering results absolutely got my attention.

I decided to introduce Zeal to a few friends and family members with health issues. The responses were mainly of surprising improvement in wellness, were varied but for certain positive. That was 3 years ago.

You guessed it! Zeal is a central feature in our family’s daily supplements regimen.  And yes, my husband is back in the Captain’s seat of his career.

Mr. & Mrs. Clark
Kalamazoo MI


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Michaella Clark

Michaella Clark

Nurse Nightingale RN

Nurse Nightingale RN

Captain D Clark

Captain D Clark


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