We believe that you’re the ambassador of your wellness

We are on a mission to support your wellness goals

by encouraging personal wellness evaluations, daily effective meal planning, and prudent lifelong wellness practices.


As an independent consultant business, Queen Mum connects you with products from Zurvita,

a Texas based-company and a pioneer in the health and wellness space of the multiple level marketing industry. Zurvita Inc. is the company behind a unique line of scientifically researched and results focused clinically-proven wellness products specifically formulated to support a healthy lifestyle. For ten years, thousands of people around the world have chosen Zurvita products as the optimal option to create a healthier lifestyle with a true zeal for wellness and a zest for a higher way of life.


Queen Mum Wealth, Health and Wellness is an entrepreneurial venture


We are ardent supporters and vocal promoters of introducing new individuals to our home office entrepreneurship venture in partnership with our parent company Zurvita.


At Queen Mum Wealth, Health & Wellness

We promote Zurvita’s ALL-NATURAL, proprietary nutritional solutions suited for optimal fitness, health, wellness and weight transformation.

We introduce individuals to the immense nutritional value in Zurvita’s selective whole food source bioavailable wellness supplements.

We recommend Zurvita’s flagship product ZEAL, a unique powerhouse nutritional wellness blend beverage. One daily serving of Zeal offers you the nutritional equivalent of the offerings of a premium health food store - with over 50 superfood dense and 99 identified antioxidants rich ingredients, essential vitamins, and minerals.


We value and promote

holistic health practices


 We invite you to grow and learn along with us. Together, we will:

  • Add our passion for optimal wellness, voices and expertise to the conversation focused on creating new wellness paradigms. We welcome dialogue, feedback and conversation so as to remain actively engaged and focused on trending topics on holistic health matters .

  • Strive to craft lifetime wellness goals, adopt prudent lifestyle habits and design long term health solutions for us to enjoy a lifespan of optimal well being.

  • Study leading indicators of poor health and nutritional deficiencies by also focusing on lifestyle choices. We align our knowledge resources to understand, highlight and identify resolutions to the lagging indicators to failing wellness practices which predispose individuals to a future of compromised wellness.  

  • Actively educate ourselves on the trends as we decipher and demystify diet misconceptions plus offer educational tools and avenues to assist us all in abandoning failed dietary habits. We raise awareness of the importance of adopting holistic and prudent wellness practices.

  • Welcome opportunities to educate ourselves and others on the root causes and effects of poor health, insubstantial health ideologies, inadequate and impoverished nutrition realities, unchecked weight gain consequences and persistent weight management deficiencies and failures.  

  • Explore, question, challenge, recognize, rehabilitate notions, concepts and practices that impact and perpetuate any of the myriad leading causes of fitness, wellness, health and lifestyle challenges.

  • Stay current on WHO global health initiatives, CDC studies & actions and FDA standards & guidelines plus follow their campaigns on disease, health and wellness studies and recommendations.

  • Respect and stay committed to the diversity of wellness options so we connect with and support health focused community resource programs and centers.  We direct and encourage individuals who reach out to us for wellness input outside of our scope of duty, expertise and mission to seek and consider alternative solutions to best support their wellness goals.

Experience simplicity, a peace of mind and an optimized lifestyle of sustained focus, pure energy, and proven wellness.